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Keep your fabrics clean with quality upholstery cleaning services in Chelsea. Take advantage of the years we’ve spent in the industry honing our skills – Clark's Cleaners Chelsea have helped hundreds of people and come highly recommended. It’s company policy to put you first, and to that end our hotlines are always open for advice and support. Book us on any weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday. Pick us today.

Upholstery Cleaners in Chelsea Who Use Certified Detergents

You’ll get great value for your money when you hire upholstery cleaners from Clark's Cleaners Chelsea. You’re offered:

  • Discounted rates – when you use us regularly or book multiple services including carpet cleaning and one off cleaning
  • Highly trained experts – who’ve been certified by Prochem, and only use industry standard equipment
  • A comprehensive service – that is both eco and budget-friendly
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  • A simple booking process – just tell us about the material, condition and size of your carpet


Learn About Clark’s Upholstery Cleaning Services in Chelsea

One of three methods will be used to clean your fabric as part of our specialist upholstery cleaning services in Chelsea. These are dry, dry foam or hot water extraction cleaning. No matter the chosen technique the process always starts the same – we’ll arrive on-site and carry out a thorough inspection of your upholstery. It’s important that the specific material is identified so we know which detergents are appropriate. Once this is done all the stains and dirt patches on your upholstery will be pre-treated. Afterwards the stages differ. How’s the method chosen? It’s dependent on the type of material.

If dry cleaning is being performed a powerful solvent will be injected into the fabric using our special machine. This product is then sucked back out and all ingrained dirt is taken with it. Dry foam cleaning involves hardening foam that crystallises approximately 10 minutes post application. Like with dry cleaning the applied product and any dirt is extracted by way of a powerful vacuum. Finally, hot water extraction cleaning starts with hot water under high pressure being sprayed onto your upholstery. The fabric is simultaneously vacuumed and then about 95% of its moisture is removed and the dirt is once again taken with it. Bear in mind that drying times range from 1 to 3 hours.

Professionally Performed Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Services

All our upholstery fabric cleaning services are carried out using a powerful machine. The technician that’s dispatched to you has been painstakingly trained in its use and will ensure your fabric is left in great condition. Don’t hesitate to ask for post-maintenance tips during the service it’s recommended that you use us every six to nine months!

Communicate with a Chelsea upholstery cleaning advisor now by punching in 020 3404 0803. Otherwise enter your details into the contact form to get an instant free quote or speak to us online through our chat feature.