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Chemical-Free Mattress Cleaning from Clark's Cleaners Chelsea

Fight dust mites effectively by arranging for our mattress cleaning experts in Chelsea to visit you. The average bed contains over 6 million of these microscopic organisms and in some cases they can cause allergies, runny nose and headaches. Don’t let them affect your life – book us any time, day or night. Use more than one of the services Clark's Cleaners Chelsea provides at any given time to qualify for your very own special discount. You can look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep after you’ve hired us!

Let Our Chelsea Mattress Cleaners Neutralise Bacteria

Remember that there’s:

  • No set-up time required – the system is completely portable and the entire application will only take between 14-16 minutes
  • No drying time – use your mattress as you normally would as soon as we leave
  • No chemicals – the process is completely dry and doesn’t include the use of toxins
  • No need to move your mattress – just sit back and relax while we get the job done
  • A long-lasting residual effect – allergens will be continually destroyed for more than 72 hours post-service

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are just two of the other expert services Clark's Cleaners Chelsea delivers. Use one or more in conjunction with our mattress cleaners in Chelsea to slash our prices.

A Guide To Your Mattress Cleaning Services

The refined procedure that will be used to sanitize your mattress is all-natural, non-invasive and totally safe. It effectively eliminates any and all dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful elements present. Wondering how it works? A special machine shines an intense ultra-violet light onto your mattress which kills the previously mentioned mites and bacteria. Then, a combination of vibration and extreme suction extracts all the resulting debris. After the service has been completed you’ll be given the opportunity to see exactly what we’ve removed from your mattress. Take note that this service is suitable for use anywhere that has beds including hotels, hostels and hospitals! You’ll benefit from our mattress cleaning services in both domestic and commercial areas.

Clark’s Fully Insured Mattress Cleaning Technicians in Chelsea

Putting you first is company policy, and you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and consideration throughout the course of this short service. The products and equipment we’ll use are completely safe and totally effective. Your mattress will be treated with solutions that are colour safe with no bleaching agents. It doesn’t matter what material your mattress or pillow is made of, dust mites don’t stand a chance. Take note that each and every one of our Chelsea mattress cleaning professionals has been painstakingly trained to help you. You’ll benefit from our dedication to you, your service will be as efficient as humanly possible.

Tell an adviser what date is convenient for our Chelsea mattress cleaners to visit you on 020 3404 0803. Alternatively, speak to us online through the chat feature on our website or enter your information into the contact form.