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Free Hard Floor Cleaning Viewings in Chelsea

Revitalise your flooring and increase the value of your property by taking advantage of our reasonably priced hard floor cleaning service in Chelsea. Clark's Cleaners Chelsea have carried out expert hard floor cleaning and sanding for years, and are experienced in the washing of tile, slate, stone, vinyl flooring and much more. Profit from revolutionary techniques and professional equipment – your heavily soiled tile, natural, concrete or limestone will be restored to like-new condition in just one visit. Get in touch today to make your booking!

Chelsea Hard Floor Maintenance With Maximum Benefits

Use Clark's Cleaners Chelsea for:

  • Eliminating stains – a combination of scrubbing, polishing and other refined techniques will ensure any scuff marks, scratches and stains are taken care of
  • Restoring the original look of your floor – estate agents frequently say a hard floor in pristine condition raises the value of a property
  • FREE viewings and professional advice – available 24/7 from dedicated customer care advisers
  • Making on-going maintenance easier – once your hard floor maintenance service in Chelsea has been completed your floor will be simpler to clean
  • Indoor and outdoor hard floors – on both domestic and commercial properties

Do you need end of tenancy cleaning or wall cleaning as well? Book it in addition to get a special discount.

Hard Floor Cleaners in Chelsea Who Inspect First

When you book this service it would be greatly appreciated if you told us the current condition of the floor you want washed. Also, what material it’s made of, how large it is and what you want the end-result to be. Our hard floor cleaners in Chelsea will arrive punctually at the time you’ve chosen and assess the floor type in person. If possible any furniture covering the area you want washed should be moved prior to our arrival. Firstly, your flooring will be vacuumed to remove any dust, hair or other undesirable elements. Then a small area is tested to determine an appropriate cleaning solution. If your floor is made of wood we’ll proceed by scrubbing the chosen cleaning product into the floor. If it’s composed of a different material it’ll simply be cleaned using drive pads. After this process has been completed the detergent will be removed with any lingering dirt. The area is then thoroughly dried and if necessary a protection layer of seal, polish or wax is applied. The drying time ranges from 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of coats that are put down.

Chelsea Hard Floor Cleaning Services Completed By Experts

Your hard floor cleaning services in Chelsea will be performed using a specialist scrubbing machine featuring different pads and an industry standard vacuum cleaner. As well, basic mops and clothes, brushes and cleaning detergents can be applied depending on the task at hand. These tools are in the hands of trained, insured and certified experts who’ve been working in the industry for years.

Make an enquiry about out Chelsea hard floor cleaning service today on 020 3404 0803. We’re also happy to take bookings online through our contact form or chat feature.